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U Turn

It happened to one – it happened to many

Being roughed and pushed out from one’s life journey

The Weak wither and let life be stern

The Brave stand up and take a U turn

Defeat is not final unless you give up. That is simply because each phase of life, triumphant or disastrous, has the potential to push you to higher grounds.U Turn Book

Life gives absolutely no guarantee of continuous comfort. What it guarantees are uncertainties, insecurities and anxieties. On the flip side of these lamentables are the revelations of inner-strengths, explorations of character dimensions and opportunities for personal growth.

However, these opportunities are only revealed to those who are observant and ready; to those who take responsibility, both for their current circumstances and also for the direction where they wish to journey.

The lead character in U Turn, Kolitha, takes such a journey and invites you to join him as he turns his life around from failure to hope and triumph. I am certain the concepts and tools that guide Kolitha in his U Turn will ease your own journey to live the best life possible.

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The two books – “Wisdom for Challenging Times” (English) and “The Pathway to become a professional in Life Insurance” (Sinhala) debut Nuwan as a writer. Nuwan is a Personal Development and Motivational Trainer and both books provide action-oriented positive guidance for the reader.



Sinhala book

The Sinhala book – “The Pathway to become a professional in Life Insurance”- is particularly written for the sales force in the Sri Lankan insurance field. This book fulfills a much felt need of a solid publication to support, motivate and guide the sales staff of the sector.

Through this book, the writer presents a unique self-motivation tool that fits the requirements of the sales-force as well as their working conditions and circumstances. The tool he developed is an original concept and it incorporates sales and marketing theories as well as the NLP and other motivational techniques. The book is written in a style that is easy to read, comprehend and act on.




English Book

The English book – “Wisdom for Challenging Times” – is written for anyone who is feeling the brunt of modern day challenges, whether they are financial, moral or personal. This is a very timely publication, given the current global financial crisis, and the somber mood adopted by individuals in business and personal contexts as a result. This book is written as a light read with illustrations. The book guides the individuals to make most of the challenging times through novel view-points of circumstances and action-oriented motivation.