About Nuwan

Nuwan Samarapathi

Nuwan has been a researcher in the field of personal development and motivation for many years. His career spans from a young junior sales personnel to a high performing marketing strategist and a manger within a brief timeframe. Further to his experience in the field of Sales and Marketing for over 17 years, he acquired a wealth of experiential and academic knowledge while living in Australia for over 10 years specializing in various areas of Sales and Marketing, working for International and multinational organizations.

Nuwan is a graduate of Deakin University of Melbourne-Australia where he specialized in Marketing and Business management. He is also a USA qualified Master Practitioner & Coach of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and a Master Practitioner in Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

Nuwan has a decorated history of achievements on presentation and public speaking in Sri Lanka and Australia. He specializes in adult training and is a popular trainer for his humor, energy and the ability to link with the trainees. Nuwan uses NLP techniques and make it a habit to keep up with the latest trends in adult training and motivation techniques.

Nuwan specially focuses on performance enhancement of middle and top level managers with an orientation towards sales, marketing and customer service fields.

Nuwan launched his newest book “U Turn: Everyone Deserves a Second Chance”, on the 21st November 2014 at the Excel World, Colombo.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to guide professionals and organizations to achieve their goals and create abundant prosperity through realization of their potential and maximization of performance.

Our Philosophy

ProMinds holds four key concepts at the heart of it: People, Potential, Performance, and Prosperity. ProMinds believes in and advocates the synergy between these key concepts to create positive and progressive change that leads to purpose, achievement, success and fulfillment in individuals and organizations.

Our Specialty

All our concepts, techniques and products are based on cutting-edge knowledge on Human Psychology, Psycho-Biology, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Human Resource Management.
Our Signature Trainings in Sales, Customer Service and Motivation are in high demand by corporate, NGO and government sectors alike, due to the effectiveness seen in the immediate positive behavior change of the participants.

Quite often the lessons of trainings and workshops disappear from the minds of participants after a brief period of time. Research shows that this phenomenon is due to the participants not connecting with the messages at a Personal-Emotional level. Drawing from this very important fact, ProMind trainings are designed and delivered to tap the emotional-person within, and based on cutting-edge theories and practices of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mind-body connection.

Our Team

The core team of professionals at ProMinds, who design and deliver the training programs and workshops, consists of a Master Practitioner and Coach of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Psychologist, a Medical Doctor, and a Human Resource Manager.

Professional perspectives of each team member adds value to our philosophy: People, Potential, Performance, and Prosperity.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on a synergy created by Knowledge, Delivery, Signature Products and Personalized Support.
Knowledge: all our concepts, techniques and products are based on a cutting-edge knowledgebase of Human Psychology, Psycho-biology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Human Resource Management.
Delivery: The style of delivery of trainings and workshops are uniquely Sri Lankan, incorporating the best the Western and Eastern worlds have to offer:

• Participatory Adult-Learning Techniques
• Mind-expanding NLP Techniques
• An energizing blend of theatre and drama techniques

ProMinds team is proficient in English, Sinhala and Tamil. The team has a solid understanding of the cultural aspects of Sri Lanka and the organizational cultures within and between the Corporate, Government, and Non-Governmental organizations, which will enable us to proficiently carry-out any undertaken task.

Signature Products: our unique products carrying an array of personal, professional and organizational development themes include:
• Rapid-motivation sessions (1-2hrs for staff meetings and other gatherings )
• Mini-workshops (half-a-day to one day)
• Comprehensive workshops (1-2 days)
• Motivational Publications

Personalized Support: ProMinds provides an array of personalized services for the specific and unique requirements of organizations, including:
• Needs analysis for staff motivation and performance enhancement
• Tailor-made performance enhancement trainings and workshops
• Periodic Impact evaluations and refreshers
• Support to develop and execute a performance driven culture within the organizations